Suburban Moss is the latest project by singer- songwriters Alan Cronin and Stanford Vinson.These two made a serious go of it in the 90s performing under the band name Larryland. Together as a multi - national band Larryland recorded a few records in Scandinavia and toured the US and Europe for several years under LA management. Later, in the naughts, Alan recorded a solo - album The Trophies with multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren.
After kids and new found experiences, Alan and Stanford are launching the new band Suburban Moss with an 11 song album entitled Forever Never Lasts - ready for release in the Fall of 2022. Together, over many sessions in the studio with Gustaf, they found a middle ground between Alan's innate, deep and rich country sensibilities and the force of Stanford's driving rythmic vocal. The duo's many years of writing and singing songs together can be heard as they layer their vocals in surprising harmonies, where they each trade off the melody so seamlessly, it can be difficult to follow who is actually singing lead. The special atmosphere of Gustav's studio gives an honest clarity to the sound. Gustav himself weaves a variety of instruments throughout the songs pulling the album into an integral soundscape. The songs range from the depths of a dark country realism into bright quirky pop, though always couched in catchy harmonic melodies and clean instrumentation. The music explores the anomolies of life, nostalgic, small town ecentricies, or the melancholia of mental illness, and is often personally inspired. Best experienced live if you are lucky enough to find them playing in a venue near you.
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